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Li ion Battery Materials

Always Deliver Advanced EV and Li-ion Battery Solutions

Technical Excellence

Developing products of top performance Consistent R&D Investment

Excellent Technologies

Design and Develop High Performance products

Excellent Production

State-of-the-art Production System Verified Quality and Stability

Excellent Manufacture

Excellent Manufacture System for Mass Production

Excellent Quality

State-of-the-art Quality System Verified Quality and Stability

High Quality System

High Quality System to Ensure Quality and Stability

  • li ion anode active materials

Founded in 1992, Forever EV’s headquaters is an established provider of Information Technology Solutions and Services to numerous Government and Commercial clients. We specialize in design, integration and maintenance of state-of-the-art systems that align the latest in information technology with client corporate business strategies. We are an ISO certified 9001:2008 Enterprise. We serve our clients from our offices in Xiamen and Fuzhou, as well as project locations in multiple cities.

Forever EV currently manufacture and supply  Advanced EV Battery and Material Solutions, including but not limited in Li-ion Cylindrical, Li-ion Pouch, Li-ion Prismatic, Si/C Anode, NMC Cathode etc..

We also import high performance materials and offer to big cell brands in China for li-ion cell production.

Forever EV provides a variety of product lines which can work together effortlessly, elegantly, and cost-effectively.

-Li ion Cylindrical

-Li ion Pouch

-Li ion Prismatic

-Si/C Anode

-NMC Cathode

-Aqueous Binders

Forever EV’s Value Engineering effort maximizes the use of common components in the design and manufacture of its products to improve cost and increase inventory efficiency, resulting in various patents.

It is Forever EV’s mission to be the premier provider of Advanced EV Battery and Material Solutions. Forever EV, dedicated to providing top quality service in all facets of its business, understands that service begins when a conversation is initiated with the customer. Our entire organization is committed to providing customer service through a continuous improvement process. Forever EV realizes that flexibility, performance, and customer service are the foundations of success, and is committed to providing each of these.

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High Performance Li-ion Cylindrical/Pouch/Prismatic Cells and Anode/Cathode Materials

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