In 2022, the price level of power batteries will return to 2019. The cells are 0.83~0.89 CNY/Wh excluding tax (ternary and iron-lithium), the module 0.91~0.95 CNY/Wh excluding tax, and the PACK 1.01~1.2 CNY/Wh excluding tax. Battery material costs and manufacturing costs have also been kept at a high level!

In the future, which packaging form will be the mainstream, mainly depends on performance versus cost. As far as the current situation is concerned, the industry chain of square shell (prismatic) batteries is relatively mature, and the supporting facilities are relatively complete; soft-pack/pouch batteries are inherently prone to leakage, and quality control is a big problem; cylindrical, UPH/PPM are ideal, and the output is large. Certainly, it should be said that each has its own advantages and application scenarios.

Different from square shells and soft packs, cylindrical batteries have a wide range of applications, the longest development time, a higher degree of standardization, a more mature process, high yield and low cost. Cylindrical batteries can also effectively suppress the expansion of silicon-based negative electrodes, can dynamically reflect changes in power output (high BMS requirements), and the characteristics of comprehensive data acquisition, so they are more and more concerned by the decision-making level of relevant players.