The upgraded product of LA132/LA133 series of water-based adhesives

Product Features:

Higher molecular weight, low swelling degree, stronger adhesion.

The amount of adhesive can be reduced by 40%.

The softness of the pole piece is improved, no need to add additives for softening.

Stronger electrolyte resistance and significantly improved battery performance.


LA136D water-based adhesive is an aqueous solution of acrylic acid derivative multi-element copolymer with good thermal stability and electrochemical stability. It is suitable for bonding silicon carbon anode and high-end carbon anode materials.

Excellent electrolyte resistance and the swelling degree is much lower than the traditional water-based negative electrode binder.

The amount of LA136D binder in the negative electrode slurry is 1.5%~2.5%, and the recommended amount is 0.5%CMC+1.5%LA136D.

  • Appearance: Colorless transparent solution
  • Viscosity(mPa.S, 40℃): 10,000~18,000
  • Solid Substrate: 6±0.2% (150℃×30min)
  • pH: 6.5~9

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