BATTBOND 288C is an acrylate-based multi-component copolymer, with -CC- bond as the main chain, with strong polar functional groups -COOH and -CN as the branched chain, which endows the adhesive molecules with excellent dispersion performance and high bonding strength.

Features & Advantages

Eco-friendliness with water as a dispersion medium

Excellent mechanical stability can be used in harsh processing conditions such as ball milling to improve dispersion efficiency

Excellent thermal stability and high decomposition temperature(over 270°C)

Stable in both negative electrode reduction and positive electrode oxidation in Li-ion batteries

Excellent storage stability and excellent freeze-thaw resistance

Excellent adhesion properties, providing good cohesion among electrode components and good adhesion between electrode and substrates

Excellent low-temperature performance and rate performance for Lithium-ion batteries

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