The size of the L400 dagger battery cell from SVOLT is 14.6mm*409mm*88mm, the capacity is 62Ah, and the mass-energy density is 174Wh.

EV Batteries L400 from SVOLTL400 + CTP is very suitable for PHEV batteries. First, the width is suitable for vehicle layout; second, combined with CTP technology, group efficiency can be increased and battery life improved.

SVOLT was the first in China to advocate that power batteries “move from the ‘roll era’ to the ‘stack era'”, and gradually clarified the technical label of “dagger + laminate”. Its high-speed lamination technology has gone through three iterations in three years, with 0.6 seconds/piece in 2019, 0.45 seconds/piece in 2021, and 0.125 seconds/piece in 2022, greatly improving production efficiency.

EV Battery SVOLT L400 Stacking Technologies

With the large-scale introduction and application of “flying stack” technology, it will truly solve the problem of extreme simplification, integration, and intelligent manufacturing of long and thin batteries, and meet the needs of the larger market for high efficiency, high quality, and high efficiency in the production and manufacturing of power batteries. Cost-effectiveness requirements, which will further enhance the market competitiveness of SVOLT in the field of dagger batteries. At the same time, in the field of energy storage batteries, SVOLT is also adopting a product technology matrix based on dagger + flying stack.