BATTBOND 290S3 is an acrylate-based multi-copolymer, with -CC- bond as the main chain, and its side chains with strong polar side groups such as -COOH and -CN, giving the adhesive molecules good dispersibility and excellent binding properties; The distribution of functional polar groups and higher molecular weight endow the adhesive molecules with higher strength and strongness.

With water as a dispersion medium, BATTBOND 290S3 is an environmentally friendly binder material for lithium-ion batteries. It is easy to use, with no need to dissolve/pre-dissolve in advance, it can be used directly by diluting with deionized water.

BATTBOND 290S3 has good dispersibility for lithium-ion battery silicon-based anode active materials.

BATTBOND 290S3 has excellent thermal stability and a high decomposition temperature to ensure the stability of the molecular structure during use; The binder has good electrochemical stability and remains stable in the redox environment of lithium-ion batteries without any side reactions; The product also has good mechanical stability, thermal stability and freeze-thaw stability, which is convenient for transportation, storage and processing.

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